Wendi Fellner

I'm a recent graduate from New College of the University of South Florida, the honors college of the State University System. I created this site to share my research interest in animal cognition, particularly that of marine mammals such as dolphins and manatees.

The first time I laid eyes on a dolphin, I was surprised to find that it seemed to be looking right back at me. Since that time, I've often wondered how non-human species perceive other individuals and events in their environment. What factors influence one member of a group to have a preference for being with a specific individual over another? How does relying primarily on a sense other than vision affect the way one functions in the world? How does not filtering every event through Language change the way information about the environment is processed? This is the fascination that has drawn me to study dolphins and manatees, as well as other species.

If you have comments, suggestions, or have similar interests, please e-mail me!


Dolphin eye
Merina from the Dolphin Research Center

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