Wendi Fellner

Objective: To continue my education in the field of animal cognition with an emphasis in marine mammals.

New College of the University of South Florida, Sarasota, FL

Honors college of the State University System of Florida

Graduation Date: May 2000 - BACHELOR OF ARTS – PSYCHOLOGY

Manatee Community College, Bradenton, FL

Graduation Date: May 1997 - ASSOCIATE OF ARTS, MAGNA CUM LAUDE


Synchrony between a Mother-Calf Pair of Bottlenose Dolphins

Investigated the ontogeny of synchronous behavior between a newborn calf and her mother. Also examined the synchronous relationships between the calf and two unrelated adult female tankmates. Several hours of videotape were analyzed on a second by second basis as to which behavioral characteristics were most frequent during synchrony and to document changes that occurred throughout the calf’s development. (.pdf file, approx. 400K)



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