Patches the Jack Russell terrier/Beagle snuggling with Nina the Bull Mastiff Rottweiller
Patches the Jack Russell terrier Beagle jumping HIGH!
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Patches the Jack Russell terrier Beagle looking like an angel
Patches the Jack Russell terrier Beagle walking on 2 legs
Patches the Jack Russell terrier Beagle dancing with Rocky from K-9 Kampground
Patches the Jack Russell terrier Beagle completely zonked out!

Patches' Motto: I tried to contain myself, but I escaped!

Meet Patches, our feisty Jack Russell terrier/Beagle mix. She's 20 pounds of pure energy! Patches came to us this summer by way of Rocky's loving hands (at K-9 Kampground). She has somewhat of a headstrong personality, which has caused her to wear out her welcome at several homes before ours. But she's gradually learning that the top dog position is reserved for us two-legged dogs. This in turn is helping her channel her enthusiasm into more appropriate activities.

Patches is quickly catching on to the "bring your bowl to get your dinner" routine, except she can't quite get the hang of sitting with her bowl in her mouth when she gets to the food bag. Instead, she throws it at your feet while her butt skids to a stop only inches away. This dog can stop on a dime!

Patches is so full of energy that sometimes she just can't keep her feet on the ground for more than a few seconds at a time. She can jump on cue at least five feet in the air from a sitting position! She's been trying so hard to stop jumping on us, that she's redirected herself to just jumping straight up when she's excited. Sometimes when we get home, Nina will come and sit calmly in front of us, waiting to be greeted. Patches will try very hard to sit next to her but, unable to contain herself, will jump sideways over Nina's back to land in a sitting position on the other side of her, only to immediately jump back over to where she started. It's like something out of a circus act!

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