Hiway the Rottweiller Newfoundland mix. Awwwww, look at that face!
Hiway the Rottweiller Newfoundland with Wendi, Nina, and Patches
Hiway the Rottweiller Newfoundland chewing on his bone
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Hiway the Rottweiller Newfoundland with Pete and Nina
Hiway the Rottweiller Newfoundland chewing on Nina's bone
Hiway the Rottweiller Newfoundland sleeping peacefully with Nina
Hiway the Rottweiller Newfoundland hanging out with Nina

Hiway came to us, as you may have guessed, by way of the highway. We came across him hanging out at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere on State Road 70 in Florida. He walked right up to us, put his cold, wet nose gently to our hands, and looked up as if to say, "Won't you help me?" The people working at the truck stop said he had been hanging out there for over a week, and he was all skin and bones with matted fur and eyes. He had probably been on his own for much longer than the week he had spent at the truck stop. When one of the cars pulling in to pump gas flew around the corner and almost hit him, we decided he needed to come home with us.

The next challenge was explaining that to Hiway! Although he followed us as we walked from the car to the store and back again, as soon as we opened the car door, he skittered away. We managed to get a make-shirt leash around his neck, but that just freaked him out even more. We spent almost 30 minutes trying to coax him back towards the car, but he just kept shying farther and farther away. Finally, we decided to give up and just worked to remove the leash we had put around his neck. We reluctantly started walking back to the car when we heard this click-click-click-click behind us. It was Hiway trotting after us! This time, I got in the car first and called to him. He cautiously climbed into the back seat, hesitantly curled up and laid down, gave a big sigh, and immediately fell asleep for the rest of the 2-hour ride home.

Hiway has settled in with us nicely and gets along well with our other mutts, however he still has some issues to work out. It is apparent that he has suffered some abuse and that he has been rewarded previously for scaring people away with his BIG bark. But with a little time and attention, and a new set of rules to live by (and a lot of help from Rocky), we think Hiway will begin to show his warm, cuddly side to everyone else as much as he has with us.

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